College creates 12 new metered parking spots

by Anne George | 11/1/18 2:50am

by Naina Bhalla / The Dartmouth

Visitors to the College who have cars might have one less problem to worry about. Dartmouth transportation services established 12 new metered parking spots between McNutt Hall and Robinson Hall early last week. This change occurred after an 18-month pilot program conducted by the department that tested the impact of replacing four short-term parking spaces with metered ones on Cemetery Lane.

According to director of transportation services Patrick O’Neill, the pilot program found that metered spots were more effective in holding drivers accountable to the instituted time restrictions on parking. Although only a few new metered parking spaces were created last week, O’Neill said that these spaces will encourage more frequent turnover.

“Prior to creating those as metered spaces, they were short-term spots that had a 30-minute or an hour-long limit,” he said. “When we had short-term spaces like this, it was difficult to regulate and we frequently encountered vehicles that would be parked there for a long period of time. With the spaces that were a part of the pilot program, the meters allowed for a greater number of people to have access to parking.”

O’Neill added that the new parking spaces will provide improved access to parking in central areas of campus to individuals on short-term business at the College.

The department also placed these additional eight parking spots around campus in areas that experience significant traffic.

“Another benefit is that it will allow people here on short-term business to utilize these meters and not have to park in illegal areas,” O’Neill said.

Meghan Poth ’20 said it is inconvenient for students to use their cars during the day when the primary parking options are A Lot and Greek houses.

“Currently I park my car at a sorority, and sometimes when I am rushing from equestrian team practice and am trying to get to class, being able to park by the library or a metered spot closer to one of the halls would be so much more convenient,” she said.

Poth said she believes these metered parking spots will be beneficial to students, but they are not a permanent solution to the issue of finding parking on campus.

“I think the College should focus on creating more parking spots that can be rented to students throughout the term because right now, the College doesn’t have any,” she said. “We need a designated spot for students who have cars on campus other than A Lot, which is so far away.”

Sue Mohieldin ’19 said that having a car on campus is challenging and she will be taking advantage of these new metered spots.

“Dartmouth is a small campus and our options for parking are very limited,” Mohieldin said. “I end up parking my car on the street during the day, but now there’s a lot of construction by the library, so it’s even harder to find parking when I have class.”

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