After high turnout, Walters and Knape elected Student Assembly president and vice president

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 4/18/18 12:16am

Monik Walters ’19 and Nicole Knape ’19 have been elected as Student Assembly president and vice president, respectively, in a race that saw 1,789 ballots cast — a near-record number. Walters received 1,030 votes, while Knape received 945. The pair campaigned as a ticket in the days leading up to the election.

Walters ran against Alex Petros ’19, who received 336 votes, and John Duggan ’19, who received 327 votes. Knape ran against Hannah Pruitt ’19, who received 338 votes; Rachel Kesler ’19, who received 326 votes; and Carlos Polanco ’21, who received 126 votes. Duggan and Pruitt ran as a ticket, as did Petros and Kesler. Polanco ran independently.

Danny Li ’19 was elected senior class president with 321 votes, defeating Steven Chun ’19, who received 180 votes. In total, 514 ballots were cast for senior class president. Out of 507 total ballots cast, Josephine Kalshoven ’19 was elected senior class vice president with 207 votes. She ran against Matt Brown ’19, who received 153 votes; Mark Dominguez ’19, who received 82 votes; and Bradford Stone ’19, who received 58 votes.

Lily Clark ’20, Lizzie Clark ’20 and Brandon Yu ’20 were elected to the 2020 Class Council, receiving 296, 294 and 233 votes, respectively. Iris Wang ’20 also ran for a seat on the council and received 211 votes. In total, 424 ballots were cast for the 2020 Class Council. Sarah Solomon ’21, Emmanuel Berrelleza ’21 and Nate Stockmal ’21 ran for the three seats on the 2021 Class Council and received 270, 263 and 263 votes, respectively, with 380 total ballots cast.

Jackson Baur ’20, Albert Chen ’20, Anjali Chikkula ’20, Jonathan Fried ’20 and Anna Whitney ’20 were elected to the five seats on the Committee on Standards/Organizational Adjudication Committee. They received 726, 785, 899, 721 and 884 votes, respectively.

The House Senate voted on seats for each of the six houses, with each house electing one senior, one junior and one sophomore. Allen House elected Kojo Edzie ’20, along with two write-in candidates whose names will be released once they have been screened by Judicial Affairs and confirmed that they are willing to serve. East Wheelock House elected Lauren Huff ’19, Anjali Chikkula ’20 and Caitlyn McGovern ’21. North Park House elected Riley Flewelling ’21 along with two write-in candidates. School House elected Ally Gaines ’21 along with two write-in candidates. South House elected Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza ’19, Colby Conner ’20 and Rohan Chakravarty ’21. West House elected Timothy Holman ’20 and Philip Lindsay ’21 along with a write-in candidate.

A more detailed story will be published in the coming days.

Matt Brown is a member of The Dartmouth senior staff. Steven Chun and Caitlyn McGovern are members of The Dartmouth staff. Albert Chen is a member of The Dartmouth business staff. Mark Dominguez and Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza are former members of The Dartmouth.