Mirror Asks: Alternative

by Mirror Staff | 2/28/18 2:49am

What’s your favorite alternative band?

Christopher Cartwright ’21: Passion Pit.

Annie Farrell ’21: The Strokes.

Jacob Maguire ’21: Banners! I discovered this artist on Spotify and I was really impressed. The songs “Someone to You,” “Shine A Light,” “Start A Riot” and “Half Light” are all really good!

Eliza Jane Schaeffer ’20: Anderson .Paak.

What’s the best alternative use of a DDS meal swipe?

JM:I haven’t done this yet, but I would really like to participate in Swipes for Hunger.

EJS:Hot take but definitely the sandwich/chip/fruit/drink combo at Novack.

Timothy Yang ’21: Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Where are your favorite alternative study spots?

CC: College Park — and it was just decided that they won’t build dorms there! Yay!

AF: The greenhouse in the Life Sciences Center.

JM:The Feldberg Business & Engineering Library located between Tuck School of Business and Thayer School of Engineering was a great place to study back when I lived in the River, and it tends to not be crowded.

Vanessa Smiley ’21: Basement of Novack, underneath the staircase.

TY:Fairchild Hall, the Stacks and tiny study rooms tucked behind the common rooms in McLaughlin Cluster.

What would you study if you could make up your own major?

CC: Folklore and urban legends.

JM: If I could make up my own major, I would probably pick a collection of courses from the social sciences, particularly the government, sociology, economics, education and psychology departments that address how to solve current problems in American society and around the globe.

EJS: Decision-making.

VS: Ufology — I read accounts about alien abduction experiences in my free time, and I know that some universities have begun to offer a degree in the study of UFOs.

TY: Personality studies, an interdisciplinary major of psychology, humanity, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and much more. Or travel.

Who would you be in an alternative universe?

CC: Edward Gorey, an illustrator I admire.

EJS: I would definitely be a what, not a who. Maybe a compsognathus.