Editor's Note

by Marie-Capucine Pineau-Valencienne and Carolyn Zhou | 2/7/18 2:00am

It’s February, and there’s a chill in the air. A chill that only blows every four years. February will be a month of competition, a month of rivalry and of victories. In light of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the Mirror investigates what is waiting at the end of the finish line: sweet, sweet victory. Because we are college students, some people may consider our victories smaller than those of others, but they are no less important. It’s a victory when you get up for your 9L every morning and don’t miss a single class during the term. It’s a victory when you don’t get golden-treed on Friday night; a victory when your flitz to that cute guy in your anthro class gets a rhyming response. You can define victory any way you want ­— the small victories count, too. We live in a culture that frowns upon excessive bragging (note the term, “self-call”), and one that romanticizes “taking L’s.” So what will be your victory? Of the day? Of the term? Of the year? Let the games begin.