Bias incident reported in Fahey Hall Sunday

by Julian Nathan | 9/26/17 7:59pm

In an email addressed to West House residents this evening, West House professor Ryan Hickox and assistant director of residential education for West House Ted Stratton wrote that a bias incident had been reported as of Sunday night.

The incident occurred in the hallway of Fahey Hall and consisted of racist and sexist graffiti targeting specific members of the community on the hallway’s bulletin board.

The graffiti was reported to the College through the bias reporting process and removed immediately.

Hickox and Stratton wrote that they are “very concerned” about the incident, which they said is a "direct violation" of Dartmouth’s Principles of Community, and do not yet know whether the perpetrator is a member of West House.

The email directed students who are upset as a result of this incident to speak with any of Hickox and Stratton, undergraduate advisors, undergraduate deans, staff in the Office of Pluralism and Leadership or counselors in Dick’s House.

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