Greek councils elect new leadership

by Frances Cohen | 3/7/17 2:10am

UPDATED: March 11, 2017 at 4:51 p.m.

The Greek Leadership Council announced its new executive council members on Feb. 13. The Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council released their lists of new officers in early March.

The new GLC executive council will be comprised of chair Joseph Waring ’18 from Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, vice-chair Jess Lu ’18 from Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority, accountability chair Chris Huberty ’18 from Sig Ep, treasurer Audrey Zheng ’18 from Kappa Delta sorority, communications manager Liam Stevens ’18 from Sig Ep and programming chair Cody Pennypacker ’18 from Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity.

Zheng said she initially decided to apply to join the GLC after serving as president of Kappa Delta sorority over her sophomore summer.

She said she would love to see more clubs take advantage of the opportunity to apply for GLC funding and use it to host dry events open to all of campus.

Huberty wrote in an email that, as accountability chair, he hopes to focus on removing any remaining obstacles to reporting sexual assault on campus, an ongoing project for the GLC that he hopes to continue.

The new Panhell will be comprised of president Sammie Maltais '18 from Sigma Delta sorority, vice president of standards and policy Allie Gerber '18 from Alpha Xi Delta sorority, vice presidents of recruitment Paige Mickel '18 from Alpha Phi sorority and Casey Hunter '19 from KDE, vice president of finance Maddie Hess '19 from Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, vice president of relations and outreach Julianna Docking '18 from Chi Delta sorority, vice presidents of research and analysis Kelly Chen '18 from Chi Delt and Amenah Hasan '19 from KDE and vice president of communication and logistics Regan Gore '19 from KD.

Panhell made some minor organizational changes in positions on their board, outgoing vice president of standards and policy Meredith Nissenbaum ’17 said.

Vice president of communication and logistics is a new position — the individual will take on operational tasks such as campus communication via email and social media. Another new position, vice president of relations and outreach, has been created to target outreach to first-year women as well as manage general communication with house representatives.

Applicants to Panhell were asked to submit a short application on their interests in the position and changes they wanted to see in the Greek system. Though in the past applicants were asked to submit a resume, Nissenbaum said they decided the application itself was of more relevance. Applicants are then selected for brief interviews with current officers.

Nissenbaum noted freshman outreach is an important aim for the incoming council. The goal is to expose first-year women to the sorority houses earlier on, so when they rush their sophomore year they feel more familiar with the houses, she added.

“What makes people kind of upset about rush I think is that, while boys have been in houses for all of freshman year, hanging out and getting to know people, for girls there just isn’t that same structure,” Nissenbaum said.

The new IFC will be comprised of president Guillermo Amaro ’18 of Theta Delta Chi fraternity, vice president Manmeet Gujral ’18 from Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity, treasurer Chris Quintero ’18 from Beta Alpha Omega fraternity, secretary Jay Daukas ’18 from Phi Delta Alpha fraternity, recruitment chair Robert Stackhouse ’18 from Beta, service chair Pennypacker, programming chair Bhavin Vaid ’18 from Psi Upsilon fraternity and public relations chair Jimmy Knight ’18 from Gamma Delta Chi fraternity.

The process of running for a position on the IFC consists of a short speech followed by a vote by the fraternity presidents and current members of the council, Gujral wrote in an email. In order to run, you must first be nominated by your fraternity president, he wrote.

Amaro said he plans to focus on expanding the IFC financial aid system, promoting Greek participation in charity-related events and working alongside administration to revise and modify the alcohol policy. The plan to revise the alcohol policy will focus on “rewarding good behavior,” Amaro said. He added that he hopes to lessen regulation for fraternities that have excellent past records in terms of compliance with alcohol safety and security policies.

Amaro said the challenge of undertaking the next year of IFC leadership is that the administration’s policies toward fraternities are changing.

“Our challenge is to adapt to those changes, and in doing so, still preserve the traditions that we hold dear,” he said.

Jess Lu ’18 is a staff member of The Dartmouth.