Editor's Note

by Lauren Budd and May Mansour | 3/29/17 2:00am

Editor’s Note

Once again, another term at the College has come and gone, and with it, the leadership of The Mirror has changed hands again. Meet May, Annette and Lauren: three good friends, each a former editor of a D section.

This week’s theme was inspired by March Madness, specifically, March Madness driving Lauren mad as she has remained trapped at the bottom of her pool. She knows nothing about basketball, collegiate or otherwise, but is still taking the continued loss very personally. Meanwhile, Annette is being driven mad by the Dartmouth pace of life after two consecutive off-terms (the first in Edinburgh, the second in Washington, D.C.), infuriated by Dartmouth-specific inconveniences such as Collis at rush hour. May’s source of madness is her agonizing over course shopping. How can she possibly decide if she likes a class or not when she only has a week to decide?

During their group Skype session, the three ruminated on the many possible meanings of “madness.” They quickly realized that there were many ways to playfully riff on the often charged term. From fits of petty rage and couples who are “madly in love” to Mad Libs, this issue will explore a few of the words many complex and nuanced meanings.

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