The Dartmouth announces 2017 directorate

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 11/15/16 12:43am

Ray Lu ’18 and Philip Rasansky ’18 will become The Dartmouth’s editor-in-chief and publisher, respectively.

Lu, an economics major from Austin, Texas, joined the sports section his freshmen year and served as a sports editor his sophomore year. He will replace outgoing editor-in-chief Rebecca Asoulin ’17 in the winter.

Rasansky, a mathematics major from Dallas, Texas, joined the advertising section his freshmen year, and currently serves as its director. He will replace outgoing publisher Rachel DeChiara ’17 in the spring.

2017 Editorial Directorate

Kourtney Kawano ’18 will replace Gayne Kalustian ’17 as production executive editor, while Erin Lee ’18 will replace Annie Ma ’17 as news executive editor.

Noah Goldstein ’18, Caroline Berens ’18 and Zachary Benjamin ’19 will replace Sara McGahan ’17, Michael Qian ’17 and Priya Ramaiah ’17 as news managing editors. Goldstein will serve a full tenure, while Benjamin and Berens will edit for one and two terms, respectively.

Evan Morgan ’19, Chris Shim ’18 and Mark Cui ’19 will replace current sports editors Gayne Kalustian ’17 and Kourtney Kawano ’18. Cui will only edit in the winter, while Shim will edit in the spring and fall. Morgan will serve as sports editor all year.

Parker Richards ’18 will replace Andres Smith ’17 as opinion editor. Ziqin Yuan ’18, a current opinion editor, will continue to serve in her position in the spring and fall.

Haley Gordon ’18, Madeline Killen ’18 and Nalini Ramanathan ’19 will become the arts editors, replacing Hallie Huffaker ’17. Killen currently serves as an assistant arts editor.

Eliza McDonough ’18 and Hollye Swinehart ’18 will replace Kate Herrington ’17 and Annie Duncan ’17 as photography editors in the spring. Tiffany Zhai ’18, a current editor, will continue in the position in the spring. Paula Mendoza ’19 and Saphfire Brown ’18 will serve as photography editors in the winter term.

Margaret Jones ’19 will serve as Dartbeat editor in the winter and spring, while Annete Denekas ’18 will serve in the spring and fall. Emma Chiu ’19 will edit Dartbeat in the winter, and Lucy Tantum ’19 — a current Dartbeat editor — will edit the Dartbeat section again in the fall. They will replace outgoing editor Grace Miller ’17.

Ali Pattillo ’17, Mikey Ledoux ’17 and Tantum will become Mirror editors in the winter, while May Mansour ’18, a former Dartbeat editor, and Lauren Budd ’18 will lead the section in the spring and fall. Budd currently serves as the Mirror editor, serving alongside Hayley Hoverter ’17, who will leave the section after this term.

Jessica Campanile ’20 will replace Katelyn Jones ’17 as multimedia editor. Jaclyn Eagle ’19 will continue to serve as tempting editor. Alexander Agadjanian ’18 will become survey editor, a new position. Gayne Kalustian ’17 and Eric Wang ’20 will serve as design directors.

2017 Business Directorate

The entire business directorate, including the publisher, will transition in the spring term.

Shinar Jain ’18 will replace Rasansky, Addison Lee ’17 and Hayden Karp-Hecker ’17 as advertising director.

Emma Marsano ’18 will replace Jain and Brianna Ager ’17 as marketing and communications director.

Elyse Kuo ’18 will become the product development director, and she will be joined by Kelly Chen ’18 in the spring. The product development director is a new position.

Roshni Chandwani ’18 and Alfredo Gurmendi ’18 will become the strategy directors, replacing Hannah Carlino ’17.

Henry Wilson ’18, the current technology director alongside Jeremy Mittleman ’17, will continue in his role this upcoming year.

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