Editors' Note

by Abbey Cahill and Kourtney Kawano | 6/10/16 7:00pm

Eliza McDonough/The Dartmouth Senior Staff

For many graduating seniors, Commencement marks the end of academia and the beginning of something new. The ’16s have finally escaped the clutches of Baker-Berry Library, parted with their favorite flair and spent the last of their DBA in preparation for the very real world outside of our beloved Hanover. They are ready to utilize the skills they’ve acquired at Dartmouth and to learn from new mistakes along the way.

At the same time, Commencement also represents a time of reflection, especially for those marveling at how fast four years flew by. Perhaps it seemed like less than a month ago when you shook the president’s hand at matriculation and marched from the river to the Green for the first bonfire. In four years, you’ve seen a fair amount of change (pg. 6). You’ve witnessed the rise of the infamous Sun God’s “driving theater” and the inauguration of our 18th president, College President Phil Hanlon. You watched Keggy the Keg and the moose battle it out for a spot as the unofficial mascot. You experienced the death of Bored at Baker and the birth of Yik Yak . You spent lazy summer mornings on the river, winter afternoons on the skiway and countless nights in the library. And 50 years later, you will still be able to come back and call this place home (pg. 11).

With all its nostalgia and collective sentiments, Commencement is a time of celebration of these memories and more. It is a time to remember all the victories and failures you endured together. The friendships, the relationships and everything in-between. Here’s to this year’s graduating class. Let’s celebrate what you have accomplished and look forward to what you will achieve in the future.

Here’s to you, Class of 2016. Congratulations!