Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 5/10/16 5:01pm

Happy week seven, Mirror readers. We hope you’ve recovered from your weekends dressing up in pastels, eating pig and frolicking in the mud. Perhaps the mother who Caroline heard exclaim to her son, “Honey, no offense, but Dartmouth students are SO weird!” was right after all.

Caroline and Hayley, unfortunately, did not run into each other at any of the weekend’s social events. Instead, as is the norm this term, they bumped into one another in the library. Although this time, Caroline wasn’t double fisting coffee, but was holding half a hot dog from Pigstick in one hand and a broken flower crown in the other.

This weekend the editors also had the dramatic realization that their time together is dwindling. Hayley will be off this summer, and Caroline will be abroad in the fall and off in the winter, so the two editors will not be on campus together again until next spring. “Such is the D-Plan,” Hayley sighed. The editors vowed to make many more trips to Swirl and Pearl before their impending separation.

It was actually Swirl and Pearl that inspired this week’s theme. As Hayley was putting toppings on her birthday cake-flavored froyo, she commented that she strongly preferred serve-yourself froyo places to ones where employees do it for you. Caroline, who was in one of her philosophical moods, remarked that it feels good to have autonomy over making something for yourself. It can be therapeutic, gratifying or simply enjoyable.

After Hayley dissuaded Caroline from trying to theme a Mirror around froyo­ — “What if I extend it to froyo AND ice cream, though?” Caroline persisted, engendering a firm headshake from Hayley — the two editors decided to theme the issue around “making things.” Enjoy the issue!