Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 3/28/16 6:30pm

Happy spring term, Mirror readers! We hope you had wonderful and relaxing spring breaks, and that you didn’t miss us too much. If so, rest assured, we have an entire term ahead of us to satiate you with Mirror issues.

Also, no, you’re not already losing your mind week 1 — it is, in fact, Wednesday. The Mirror will now be coming out on Wednesdays instead of Fridays, and will stand alone, as opposed to being an insert in the regular newspaper.

Unlike the 10 weeks of winter term, Caroline and Hayley did not spend their spring break together venting about their lives on the couches of Robo and getting froyo at Swirl and Pearl. Instead they communicated via text, which proved much trickier than they thought. For example, Hayley lost reception while visiting a friend and was briefly unable to respond to Caroline’s texts, which left the younger co-editor panic-stricken and pacing on a Miami beach.

In keeping with the vibe of spring break and the upcoming April Fool’s Day, the two editors decided to theme the spring’s first issue around play, at Hayley’s suggestion. “Hahaha yeah I like that idea, let’s start the term on a fun, optimistic note,” Caroline texted Hayley, to which she merely responded “lol ok caroline.”

Maybe the spring will be filled with optimism, fun and play for the two editors. Realistically, it won’t (“Only sophomore summer is like that,” Hayley says wistfully, looking at Caroline with intense envy), but, hopefully, it’ll be the mix of work and play that Dartmouth terms often are. Regardless, Hayley and Caroline have the Mirror to keep them entertained for the time being. Enjoy the issue and best wishes for a fun 16S!