Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 2/25/16 7:29pm

What a beautiful place campus is during week eight, as downtrodden students trudge through the muddy Green amid pouring rain. With Winter Carnival a distant memory, the snow sculpture a melted puddle and no indication of the cozy, wintry wonderland this term promised to be, it seems like there isn’t much to be happy about. To quote Hayley’s favorite, somewhat ironic expression of Caroline’s: “What a time to be alive.”

This week while storyboarding, Hayley sat on a couch in Robo hugging a pillow and rocking back and forth as Caroline looked at her with increasing concern. As Caroline set off to Collis to get her co-editor some calming chamomile tea, she suddenly remembered the Boloco gift card her mom had sent her in a recent care package. Twenty minutes later, the two editors of this esteemed magazine were drinking Nutella milkshakes with the giddiness of small children, their troubles long forgotten.

In the interest of productivity, Caroline asked what the theme for the upcoming week should me. Hayley looked around at Caroline and their milkshakes, appreciating the moment’s serendipity. “Happiness,” she responded decisively.

This magazine, and the paper overall, have done an excellent job reporting on mental health, so Caroline and Hayley emphasized to their writers that the focus of the issue would purely be on happiness. And their ever talented and dutiful writers delivered, with pieces doing everything from profiling a campus group dedicated to kindness to exploring campus’s happiest people.

May this issue cast rays of sunshine upon your grim lives as you cram for finals in Novack.

HAPPY Friday. Hahaha. Whoops, caps lock. (Just kidding — we did it on purpose.)