One-on-One with Wyatt Omsberg '18

by Katie Jarrett | 11/2/14 3:44pm

I sat down with Wyatt Omsberg ’18 of the men’s soccer team before the team’s Saturday game against Harvard University. Omsberg is the reigning Ivy League Rookie of the Week thanks to his game-winning overtime goal in the Big Green’s 1-0 win over Columbia University last week.


How do you think the season has been going?

WO: Really well. We played a few tough teams in the first couple of games, but since then, we’ve been pretty solid. Everything had been coming together the last couple of games, so I think we have some good momentum.


What enabled you to be score the game-winner in the Columbia game?

WO: With the set piece, it was just a really good cross from Stefan [Defregger ’15]. We’ve been working on it a lot. I hadn’t scored on a direct set piece, but we had gotten close, but it’s nice to get one in after working so hard on it.


What has been the biggest change for you or hardest thing about being a freshman?

WO: I’d say adjusting to classes was tough, but you have a lot more free time. Managing soccer and school at the same time has been a little bit of a change. With soccer, I think the biggest change with that is everyone’s faster, better, bigger, more athletic. Everything is just quicker.


What did you do to prepare for coming into your first collegiate season?

WO: Over the summer I played with my club team, the Portland Phoenix. Aside from that, I just did a lot of training and running.


Do you have any personal pregame rituals or superstitions?

WO: I have some little superstitions, but nothing that’s really big. I always roll out with the foam rollers the same exact way. Just little stuff like that.


If you have any free time outside of soccer and school, what do you like to do?

WO: A lot of the freshmen live together in Russell Sage, so a lot of us go there when we have free time on weekends or before games and watch movies, hang out, play video games.


When did you start playing soccer?

WO: For as long as I can remember I’ve been playing. My dad played soccer. My brother and sister, who are older than me, they both play.


What’s something not a lot of people know about you?

WO: If I had to say anything, just that I like dogs a lot. I have two dogs at home, a yellow lab and a beagle.


Any predictions for the rest of the season?

WO: We’re in a good spot right now. I think as long as we keep working hard and getting some results the next couple of games we should be okay. The goal is to win the Ivy League, and we’re going to do everything we can.


I checked back in with Wyatt after the soccer team’s 1-1 tie against Harvard University on Saturday.


What does the tie mean for the Ivy League standings and the season?

WO: It wasn’t the outcome we were looking for, but I don’t think it’s a bad result. Every point is valuable, and we’re still tied for first in the league and in a spot to control our own destiny. The next two games are huge for us, but for right now our focus is on Cornell.



This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.