Lest Old Traditions Fail?

by The Dartmouth | 10/17/14 2:53am


This Homecoming, we decided to devote our special issue to a topic that has always been synonymous with life at Dartmouth: the Greek system.


For decades, Greek life has been the focus of countless articles and columns on these pages. Yet as part of this project, we sought out perspectives from across campus — on different aspects of the Greek system and how they relate to students' daily lives.

In this issue, you'll read students' thoughts on the merits of the rush process, how former editor-in-chief Emily Fletcher '13 reviewed a draft of the "Telling the Truth" column by Andrew Lohse '12 and what happened to the members of Dartmouth's first sorority.

We're looking forward to the dialogue that follows. Tweet using a #DartmouthGreek to join the conversation.

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