Man falls off Sigma Nu roof

by Taylor Malmsheimer and Lindsay Ellis | 7/13/13 5:23pm

A 21-year-old male College employee fell from the side roof of Sigma Nu fraternity early Saturday evening. The man had fallen from a second floor window onto the ground.

The victim, who was taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for treatment, and two other men were believed to have been using LSD and marijuana in the fraternity before the incident, according to a police report.

The two other men were found at another fraternity when Hanover Police and Fire Department arrived at around 6:15 p.m. One man, 20, is not affiliated with the College and was taken to DHMC for drug use. The other, 22, is a member of the Class of 2013 and is renting a room on the second floor of Sig Nu. None of the men involved in the incident are members of Sig Nu.

Police and Safety and Security cars lined Webster Avenue following the event.

Blaze Joel '15, Sig Nu summer president, said members do not currently have a "complete picture" of the evening's events.

Two members of the Class of 2012 fell from the roof of Alpha Delta fraternity in June 2011. Both students suffered serious injuries and were transferred to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Joel is a member of The Dartmouth staff.

**This story will be updated as more information becomes available.*

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