Editor's Note

by Amelia Acosta | 1/24/13 11:00pm


There are a million things that we are encouraged to do with our dreams: chase them, follow them, achieve them. I personally think the most important thing we can do is remember them, both the ones that we strive for in our real lives and the ones we collapse into at night. For me, part of this belief is very specific. I want to, one day, be a writer. Someone once told me that you can't really be a writer unless you write every day, but not enough interesting things happen to me on a daily basis to make this possible. I do, however, have some wild dreams. So when I wake up with their vivid images in my mind, I try to remember them and write them down. More abstractly, I wanted to be the first female Latina President of the United States from first through seventh grade. I really, truly believed that anything was possible in that way only little kids do. We dismiss our childhood fantasies but in truth they came from the best part of ourselves the part that was unafraid and unabashedly cast ourselves in the starring role. We might never have the lives our childhood selves pictured, but we would do well to remember the optimism that lets us think them up in the first place. Happy Friday, dreamers!

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