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May 28, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Beyond the Bubble: Fantastical Escapism

In the week ahead, prominent releases and events in the arts will take a step away from the focus on realism and politics that has marked the election season by instead turning to fantasy and embellishment.

"Breaking Dawn Part II," the "Twilight" franchise's last film, will premiere on Nov. 16. The fantasy movie, which will end the tale of an immortal vampire and the woman with whom he falls in love, is expected to garner a high turnout among the franchise's fan base.

The "Star Wars" franchise the original fantasy series to attract an extremely loyal following has also attracted a lot of attention this week. Although the movie is not expected to premiere until 2015, entertainment bloggers and "Star Wars" fans have been actively responding to the recent announcement that Michael Arndt will be the new screenwriter for the seventh "Star Wars" film.

A current exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, titled "Origin of the Universe," also turns away from purely realistic portrayals by using embellishment and saturated colors to convey the message of artist Mickalene Thomas. The exhibit will run through Jan. 20.

For those seeking an escape from the more fantastical themes that mark this time in the arts, the Rolling Stones are preparing a tour as part of their 50-year anniversary, and the Museum of Modern Art will feature retrospective films and videos featuring the Rolling Stones.