Now Playing in Hanover: Arbitrage

by The Dartmouth Arts Staff | 10/7/12 10:00pm

"Arbitrage," the directorial debut of Nicholas Jarecki, who also wrote the screenplay, follows billionaire CEO Robert Miller (Richard Gere) as his life spirals out of control. Miller tries to complete the sale of his company in an attempt to cover up huge losses, but when he kills his mistress in a car crash, his business, his marriage and his life threaten to come tumbling down around his ears. As the lies pile up, he must fight off a wife (Susan Sarandon) who suspects his affair, a daughter (Brit Marling) who uncovers his doctored financial records and a detective (Tim Roth) in relentless pursuit of a murder indictment. Kyle McGoey

Directed by: Nicholas JareckiWith: Gere, Sarandon, Marling, Roth107 minutesRated R

Gere accomplishes a rather astonishing feat by actually making the least relatable character on the planet quite humane the 1 percent of the 1 percent can also be sentimental in the most stereotype-defying way possible. Unfortunately, the entire film falls flat with its pedestrian plot and anticlimactic ending. Regardless, "Arbitrage" makes for a decent entertainment thriller that is definitely worthy of your attention.
Kunyi Li

In a move that works surprisingly well, "Arbitrage" eschews the traditional thriller plot arc for one that more closely resembles an episode of "Law and Order," starting off explosively (pun intended) and working its way down to a slow burn. Taut pacing and strong performances contribute to a film that, save for those expecting an Oscar contender, should pleasantly surprise. Kyle McGoey

Gere is fantastic in this Wall Street thriller as a billionaire the viewer somehow both admires and hates. The film successfully keeps the audience engaged without overkill on the suspense. Also notable was the relatively unknown Marling. Presented as ferociously self-sufficient and accomplished, she reveals an intense vulnerability as the plot develops, holding her own in a screaming match opposite Gere. Kelsey Sipple