Daily Debriefing

by Alec Tarantino | 10/3/12 10:00pm

Harvard announced on Wednesday the introduction of its fourth sorority, Alpha Phi, for which recruitment will begin next spring, The Harvard Crimson reported. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Gamma and Kappa Alpha Theta sororities, Harvard's three existing sororities, selected a new organization as a result of a recent increase in student interest. After submitting a proposal last year to join the Cambridge-area Panhellenic Council, A Phi was chosen from among three finalists, The Crimson reported. A Phi plans to use focus groups to recruit women this spring and seek out upperclassmen to assume leadership roles in the new chapter. In accordance with Harvard's existing policy banning recognition of single-sex organizations, the University will not officially recognize the new sorority, according to The Crimson.

Former Pennsylvania State University graduate assistant and assistant football coach Mike McQueary is suing the University, claiming that his treatment since testifying against former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has resulted in humiliation and embarrassment, The New York Times reported. McQueary, who reported seeing Sandusky and a young boy in a suggestive position in a team shower to athletic director Tim Curley, is seeking millions of dollars in damages. Claiming that he has been treated as a scapegoat rather than a whistleblower, McQueary has accused former University President Graham Spanier of tarnishing his reputation by questioning the validity of his reports, according to The Times.

At least 25 people were killed during an attack on Federal Polytechnic Mubi, a Nigerian college, on Tuesday morning, according to The New York Times. While some experts have linked the killings to highly disputed student elections, others suspect that the Islamic sect Boko Haram, whose members recently bombed cell towers around the campus, is responsible. Police commissioners reported that the killers had specific targets, as they knew the names of their victims. In addition, a recent campus police raid in search of Boko Haram suspects yielded several arrests and may have incited aggressive action on the part of the sect. The college has been temporarily closed, and authorities have imposed a curfew, urging Mubi residents to stay indoors, The Times reported.

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