Internet Meme of the Week: "Breading" Cats

by Gavin Huang | 2/12/12 11:00pm

Cats have recently been found to improve everything from Facebook pictures to famous artwork, as their placement inFacebook pictures have been used to hide booze and their placement in artwork have made the Mona Lisa and Birth of Venus all the more interesting. The latest trend in the kitten craze is "breading" cats, and it's exactly what you might think it is: pictures of cats with slices of bread placed around their necks. The meme is so popular that its Facebook page, "Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich," has over 20,000 fans.

Stephen Colbert pledged to spend $1 million of his super PAC funding on developing what he called "the next big internet sensation," and even CNN did a segment on breading. How did things ever get this far? Two weeks ago, this was a meme in obscurity, until a Gawker writer looking for cheap page views wrote an article about it as part of the blog's "obnoxious, but worthwhile exercise" to see which writer could garner the most page views from nonsensical internet trends. It seems to have worked too well because the writer now regrets having ever started the whole mess. He is now hoping to quell the cat breading phase with a new meme: pictures of St. Bernards loitering.