College receives $2 million grant for env. health center

by The Dartmouth Staff | 12/6/10 12:26pm

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has selected Dartmouth to receive a $2-million grant to launch the Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Center at Dartmouth, the College announced in a press release on Monday. The center will be an outgrowth of the College's Toxic Metals Research group, according to the release.

The College is one of six centers nationwide that will be studying the effects of pollutants on children's health, the release stated. Margaret Karagas, professor of community and family medicine in epidemiology at Dartmouth Medical School, and Provost Carol Folt will serve as director and associate director of the center, respectively.

The new center will "allow us to gain critical insights on the effects of arsenic exposure on fetal health and development as well as a mother's and infant's suceptibility to infection," Kargas said in the release.

The EPA grant will go toward developing the center's research programs and professional outreach over the next three years, when the College will be able to apply for longer-term funding for the center, the release stated.

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