Internet Meme of the Week

by Robert szypko | 11/28/10 11:00pm

A good friend of mine had a tough time adjusting to college. Classes, dorm life, homesickness but above all, he had to cope with the fact that his nickname was "Bread." His first name was Steven, which led another one of my high school friends to the obvious conclusion that Stevie Wonder and Wonderbread created a strong link between the name Steven and the nickname Bread. The name stuck, but Bread would have to go through this story ad nausem during his freshman year. Life just got a whole lot easier for Bread, who can now direct new acquaintances to Bread People takes the names of famous celebrities and inserts bread-related puns, which are attached to a picture of the celebrity's face Photoshopped onto the related bread item. Stevie Wonderbread is among the celebrities profiled, but the real winners are Ariana Muffington, Sylvester Stallscone and Condoleezza Slice. Some pretty crumb-y puns, huh?