by Caitlin Kennedy | 10/10/10 10:00pm

Feeling eco-neutral today? "No pressure," but if you don't agree to cut your carbon emissions by 10 percent in 2010, then the 10:10 global campaign is going to press a big red button of doom that will cause you and your fellow eco-abstainers cute children included to be blown to a bloody pulp. At least that's the message touted by a promotional video recently posted on the 10:10 campaign's website. The video begins with a creepy elementary school teacher asking her students if they will participate in 10:10. A couple of children say they won't, and the teacher, muttering incoherently about that being "absolutely fine," presses a red button that causes the children to explode. Three similar scenes follow, with more of the eco-neutral meeting a similarly bloody end. Understandably, the video has recently been removed from the 10:10 website (not soon enough to keep it from going viral, apparently), demonstrating that threatening to blow up adorable children is not, in fact, an effective marketing ploy.

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