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The Dartmouth
June 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth


'10 Guy: That girl has a longgg track record with guys.'10 Guy: Yeah, it's like Rainbow Road in Mario Kart, but longer.

'12 Girl1: I'm not really sure I'm gonna go out tonight.'12 Girl 2: Really? I'll stay in with you!'12 Girl 1: No! You have to go out. You already dressed up slutty and everything!

Middle-aged woman in Canoe Club bathroom [whispering on cell phone]: Hello? Yes, is this EBA's? I'd like to place an order for a medium buffalo chicken pizza...

'12 Girl: Do you want to come watch Casual Thursday tonight?'12 Athlete: But it's not Thursday, it's Friday ...

'10 Psi U 1: "That's what she said" is not an overheard. It's just stupid. Who the f*ck edits this?'10 Psi U 2: Me.

'10 KDE Oh my gosh, I wanna see Blue Moon.'10 Tri-Delt: Do you mean New Moon?'10 KDE: Oh my god, I'm an alcoholic.

'11 Girl: We better get really good grades for the next two years because we're obviously not going to get any ass.

Jack Wills model at BG: Is this the nerd frat?

'10 Girl: I don't know why we can't spend dues on strippers.

'10 AZD: I'm your mom!'10 Tri-Delt: Noooo she's not!