Gusanoz robbery is still unsolved

by Conrad Scoville | 11/23/09 11:00pm

by Alice Zhao and Alice Zhao / The Dartmouth

The two suspects who stole cash from multiple locations in the restaurant during the early hours of Oct. 9 remain at large, Giaccone said.

"Detectives have interviewed a number of people both in New Hampshire and Vermont," Giaccone said. "They've followed up on any other similar reported robberies [in Vermont and New Hampshire]."

The police have not found any ties to other incidents in the Hanover area, Giaccone said, adding that investigators will continue to look into crimes that could be related.

"That's always a possibility," he said. "Usually, 97 percent of the crimes are committed by 3 percent of the people."

Robberies are often not solved quickly, Giaccone said, and the investigation will continue as long as necessary.

"It will remain open and acted upon if any new leads come in," he said, adding that police were following up on leads as recently as Friday. "The last time we had [a robbery case], it took about six months [to solve]."

In that crime, which occurred more than 10 years ago, detectives eventually tracked down a suspect in North Carolina, Giaccone said.

Gusanoz has stepped up its security measures since the robbery, Gusanoz co-owner Nick Yager said in an interview with The Dartmouth.

"We have changed how we handle cash at the end of the night," he said, explaining that staff members keep less cash on hand than they did prior to the robbery and that the restaurant is now monitored by recently installed surveillance cameras.

Hanover Police has not specifically increased patrols near Gusanoz, Giaccone said, although officers will provide escort service upon request for any Hanover business staff member making a nightly bank deposit.

The robbery has not harmed Gusanoz's business, Yager said, noting that the restaurant has been "very busy."

Yager said that the incident was likely a one-time occurrence, but that it has increased people's awareness about security issues.

"My feeling is that's it's an isolated incident it's a crime of opportunity," he said. "But I think it just reminds us all that we need to take precautions to prevent those types of opportunities."

Giaccone agreed that the robbery is not part of a widespread problem.

"For us, it's isolated," he said. "There's been nothing since."

Yager said he appreciates the work that the police have done in the robbery's aftermath.

"We've been very pleased in the response by Hanover Police and also Lebanon Police," he said, adding that both forces have contributed to the investigation. "It's nice to know that the police are out there and are willing to commit their resources."