Vox Clamantis: Let's Play By The Rules

by Greg Boguslavsky | 11/6/08 3:49am

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read "Students spar over campaign tactics" (Nov. 5). While I am not surprised that the College Democrats' leadership chooses to accuse individuals by name, I am dismayed that The Dartmouth failed to let the accused respond. The D is thankfully not a court of law, but it should not exploit the "news" to take stands in the court of public opinion.

I congratulate the College Democrats on their enthusiastic volunteers, organizational abilities and staggering volume of campaign materials, but I take strong objection to their conduct. Republicans are outnumbered on this campus, but it is disturbing how the Dems have consistently used their strength to stifle opposition. Republican students have been subjected to verbal assaults, vandalism and theft of campaign materials, unfair accusations and an atmosphere of intimidation. The Dems have violated the spirit of fair play and must answer to their own consciences.

I, along with hopefully all Republicans, celebrate Senator Obama's historic election and the unique strength of our democracy. It is my sincerest hope that Senator Obama uses the tremendous goodwill that his election has generated at home and abroad to positive effect and that Americans of all political stripes will work together to overcome our common challenges. Let's all get the message.