Police Blotter

by Ben Nunnery | 8/1/08 2:49am

July 17, 8:09 a.m., Pomfret Road, Pomfret, Vt.

Hanover Police arrested the driver involved in a hit-and-run that occurred on South Main Street in Hanover on July 10. The female victim reported that the suspect's car was backing out of a parking space and hit the rear passenger side of her vehicle as it was passing by. She told police the suspect fled the scene before information could be exchanged or the police could be called. She stated that the operator of the vehicle was an older white male. As the suspect passed by, she reported, he yelled obscenities at her, calling the woman a "dumb bitch" and "c-nt." The victim was able to take down the suspect's license plate number, which she gave to the police. Police contacted the registered owners, who told officers they had lent the vehicle to the suspect. The 69-year-old male was apprehended by police and arrested.

July 18, 2:44 p.m., Lyme Road

Hanover police arrested a 19-year-old girl from Thetford, Vt. for fraudulent use of a credit card. The offense took place on July 3. The victim, 53, was shopping at the Hanover CVS when she inadvertently left her credit card on one of the check-out counters. The suspect approached the counter and claimed the card. The CVS clerk, thinking the suspect was the rightful owner of the card, gave it to her. The suspect immediately started using the credit card, making purchases at CVS for $201 and at Juliana's Boutique for $813. Police were able to identify the suspect with the use of CVS security cameras.

July 19, 1:28 a.m., South Main Street

Officers received a call from a 55-year-old man reporting the theft of a case of Dasani drinking water. The victim told officers he had placed the water on the steps outside his apartment on South Main Street while he went to retrieve pizza from his car. When he returned to the scene, he found the water to be missing. To date, the perpetrator has not been apprehended.

July 24, 5:10 a.m., Fayerwether Hill Road

A 24-year-old female contacted Hanover police reporting a stolen vehicle. The victim recalled leaving her car on East Wheelock Street by New Hampshire Residence Hall the previous night. When she woke the following morning, she could not find the vehicle and believed it to have been towed or stolen. She told officers she had been drinking with friends the night before. While the officers were at the scene, two of the victim's friends arrived driving the missing vehicle. Hanover police determined that these individuals had been drinking. There were no arrests. All three of the individuals were affiliated with a hockey camp at the College.

July 26, 3:10 a.m., Webster Avenue

Hanover police observed a 19-year-old student drop a partial pack of Keystone Light Beer on the ground and continue walking. Officers apprehended the suspect and identified her as a Hamilton College student. She was arrested and taken to the police station, where she was fingerprinted and photographed. She has a court date of Aug. 18.

July 27, 11:56 p.m., Lebanon Street

Lebanon police were contacted by a citizen who had just seen a staggering 38-year-old man getting into a blue Saab wagon at the Fort Lou's truck stop in Lebanon. A short time later, the vehicle arrived in Hanover, where Hanover police officers stopped the vehicle and arrested the operator. Officers reported the suspect was extremely intoxicated.

-- Compiled by Ben Nunnery, courtesy of Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone. Staff Writer Victoria Boggiano contributed to this report.

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