Daily Debriefing

by Drew Joseph | 11/19/07 3:22am

The Dartmouth Ethics Society won the Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl at Villanova University last week. The competition included situational case studies that teams analyzed and applied to real-life scenarios. Teams were judged on the speed of their responses and on whether they could generate consensus on the topic. The Dartmouth team, as well as other top performers in the region, will travel to San Antonio, Texas in February for the national championships. Aine Donovan, executive director of the College's Ethics Institute, coaches the team.

Two Dartmouth Medical School researchers won awards at the 2007 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference last month. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation honored Associate Dean of DMS Gerald O'Connor with the Richard C. Talamo Distinguished Clinical Achievement Award for co-founding the Northern New England CF Consortium to improve care for those afflicted by cystic fibrosis. Research associate Hebe Quinton was given the first Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Quality Improvement Award for her work with the NNECFC. Cystic fibrosis is a chronic and hereditary disease that attacks the respiratory and digestive systems. Recent advancements in treatments have extended the life expectancy of those with cystic fibrosis to approximately 37 years old from only elementary-school age 50 years ago.

The Hanover Planning Board will review its zoning laws Tuesday night, including a proposed change that will bring more affordable housing to Hanover, according to the Valley News. The changes in the law would enable developers to construct more units per piece of land if some of the homes could be purchased by working and middle class families. The proposed revision would allow the density of units to increase by 20 percent, meaning there could be 12 units on a single piece of land as opposed to the 10 currently allowed. Hanover, however, has a minimum lost-size requirement that limits the density of units on a single property. There will also be public hearings on affordable housing early next year, and if any changes are proposed, they will be voted upon at a Town Meeting in May.