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May 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

A Hair-ible criticism

To the Editor:

I was disappointed with Monday's review of "Hair" ("'Hair' hypnotizes with humor and heartfelt drama," Nov. 12). I have not seen the show, but as one who is interested in the arts, I had hoped to read a review, not an advertisement and plot summary, which is all the article amounted to. "Hair" is a musical. Why was there not a single word written about the quality of musical performance? The article mentions that certain members of the cast stood out, with no elaboration whatsoever as to how they stood out. In essence, there was no semblance of criticism in the entire article. The Dartmouth's Arts section seems perfectly willing to criticize movies and albums, as seen in the scathing review of "Lions for Lambs" of the same day ("'Lions for Lambs' wastes talent, bores with blather," Nov. 12). Why should productions involving students be treated differently? Many students at Dartmouth take student art and performances seriously; it's a shame that The Dartmouth does not.