Vagina monologues, Act Two

by Laura Little | 10/8/07 2:34am

To the Editor:

Aurora Wells '10 trivializes her own pro-cunnilingus treatise ("Aurora's guide to eating out," Oct. 5) by employing the very language of the audience she intends to enlighten. How can intelligent, reasonable adults have a productive conversation about sex when the words "vajayjay," "bum" and "cuntoisseur" are the phrases of employ? By infantilizing her audience (with a cartoon vagina more fit to scare than educate), Wells takes the salient topic of women's pleasure and makes it a laughable sermon on genitalia.

Class of 2011, if you want to learn more about the female anatomy, pull out a high school biology textbook or talk to one of the many Sexperts on campus. That is, if you've grown up enough to refer to "muff-diving" by its actual name.

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