Daily Debriefing

by Vera Bergengruen | 10/10/07 12:32am

The Rockefeller Center extended its gratitude to student volunteers for their hard work in the Democratic presidential candidates debate during a dinner held in their honor Tuesday night in Hinman Forum. Rockefeller Center Director Andrew Samwick thanked the attendees for their hard work on the Sept. 26 event. More than 220 students volunteered hours of their time for the event, running the logistics surrounding the 90-minute debate that fell on the first day of classes and turned Hanover into a veritable media frenzy.

Dartmouth philosophy professor Walter Sinnott-Armstrong will be the co-director of a new initiative aimed at integrating recent developments in neuroscience into the U.S. legal system, according to a College press release. The Law and Neuroscience Project will be based at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and will bring together renowned neuroscientists, jurists, legal scholars and philosophers from across the country. The project will be directed by Michael Gazzaniga '61, a psychology professor at UCSB who left Dartmouth in 2006. The project aims to link the fields of neuroscience and law in terms of how courts should deal with new brain-scanning techniques as they apply to legal matters. The three-year, $10-million project will be funded mainly by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur foundation, and it will involve 15 universities and at least 45 professionals.

If Tufts University graduates enter public service, non-profit or social work, the university will help them pay their college loans, marking the first time a university has promoted relatively low-paying public service and non-profit careers to its undergraduates, The Boston Globe reported. Tufts will start promoting this program next month via e-mail and its website, hoping to influence students before they accept their first job. The university will spend $500,000 a year for the loan-repayment program, funded by a 2005 endowment gift. Tufts graduates earn an average of $22,700 in jobs with non-profits and $27,900 in government positions, compared to about $40,800 a year in private-sector jobs. "I'm hoping the university can help [students] follow their passion," university president Lawrence Bacow told The Boston Globe.

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