College political groups prepare for busy fall

by Astrid Bradley | 8/21/07 3:56am

Correction appended.

Amidst news of front-loading state primaries to dates potentially as early as December, campus political organizations are preparing for a busy Fall term.

Former President of the College Republicans Gregory Boguslavsky said that, although there is "nothing specific on the calendar," there will be events in time.

Boguslavsky said that the candidates generally do not know their schedule until as few as five days in advance.

"The College Republicans are all in touch with the campaigns, working on bringing as many presidential candidates to campus as possible," Boguslavsky said.

Andy Reynolds, president of the College Democrats, expects every candidate, or at least every candidate who can afford the trip, to come to Hanover or the surrounding area this fall.

He added that the group is also attempting to expand the number of preliminary events that they will hold throughout the term.

"The difference in this Fall term is that we are very event-focused," he said, adding that there are student groups for every Democratic presidential candidate with the exception of former Senator Mike Gravel.

At Dartmouth, Reynolds said, candidates have a standing invitation which distinguishes other schools from the College, where the campaigns are in charge instead of the college venue.

Reynolds said that due to the expansion of the College Dems' board this upcoming fall, from six to approximately 15 members, there is a greater opportunity for "instant freshman involvement."

The College Republicans also expect to have a strong group of freshmen participate in the group this fall, with a large number of students having expressed interest during their Dimensions Activities fair.

"Until the Republican Party picks a nominee we are going to be a kind of clearing house," Boguslavsky said.

Boguslavsky said that the College Republicans are giving students the opportunity to work directly for the individual candidate of their choice.

He said that the College Republicans provide not only a social network and intellectual stimulus for those with similar viewpoints, but also are open to bringing a diverse range of ideologies to the campus.

At least 80 percent of the campus voted in 2006, in part due to the campus voting campaign run by campus political organizations, Reynolds said.

He continued to say that in a follow-up to last year's success, the College Dems hope to "bombard the campus" with voter information to make the process easily accessible for all.

"We want to get as many students out to vote as possible, get their voices heard in whatever way possible," Reynolds said.

The College Republicans and College Dems usually plan social events together during the term in the form of formal debates and dinner discussions.

Boguslavsky, who is also the chairman of the New Hampshire College Republicans, said that Dartmouth, the University of New Hampshire and St. Anselm College are the strongest of the seven schools who are involved in the statewide organization.

An article Tuesday ("College political groups prepare for busy fall," Aug. 21) incorrectly identified Greg Boguslavsky as president of the College Republicans. In fact, Jen Bandy '09 is president. She is also a member of The Dartmouth Staff. The article also mistakenly referred to the College Democrats as the Young Democrats.