Theme parties highlight weekend

by Katie Silberman | 10/21/05 5:00am

Forget football or the bonfire -- students across campus are anxiously awaiting the abundance of parties that accompany the four-day-long Homecoming celebration.

In a week steeped in school spirit and excitement, the anticipation of coming parties often overshadows that of sporting events.

Tabard's Disco-themed party and Sigma Nu's "Early '80s" party are arguably the two most popular festivities of the week. The Disco party, which was singled out in Peterson's Guide to Colleges as a Dartmouth highlight, costs only $1, which is then donated to various charities. It is an alcohol-free party, one of only a few during the Homecoming weekend. The three-hour-long bash features a long and well-loved play-list of '70s music hits. Attendees wear costumes following the '70s theme, such as synthetic headgear, body armor and latex. The chaotic night is commonly referred to as the best party of the year.

"Every term, Disco has students rummaging through their parents' and grandparents' closets for authentic '70s gear so they can truly experience all Disco has to offer," Tabard house member Christine Benally '06 said.

Benally said she could not remember a year when the party was not full to capacity.

"From attendance alone, hands-down Disco is the biggest and best party of each term," she said.

Another beloved celebration, Sigma Nu's '80s party, requires the same creativity and enthusiasm for costumes and dancing. Sigma Nu President Justin Blesy '06, cites the opportunity for some questionable fashion choices and great music as draws to the ever-popular party.

"Since it's the mid-'80s, everyone knows the songs, and that makes the party so much better," Blesy said. "Everyone loves '80s music."

Olivia Gilliat '08 agreed. "The '80s party is amazing," she said. "That's the great thing about Homecoming weekend -- you need two really great costumes."

Few party-goers attend the bashes underdressed.

"Girls are usually better than boys, although a lot of guys will come in jumpsuits and headbands. Girls come in ripped shirts a lot, but get much more into it," Blesy said.

Another heavily-attended party is Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Champagne party, which occurs once a term. The party features a jazz band and has been a house tradition since the 1970s.

"People get to dress up. It's a fun, classy party," Franco Reyna '06, an SAE member, said.

The whole campus appreciates the unique ambiance of Homecoming week and the inevitable good times that accompany it.

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