Verbum Ultimum

by The Dartmouth Editorial Board | 11/3/04 6:00am

Today, with any luck, the presidential election will be decided. To those who voted Tuesday -- wherever they voted and whomever they chose -- we offer our sincerest thanks. In an era in which many young people display only apathy about the future of the country, it is heartening to know that so many capable and talented Dartmouth students joined the throngs of American voters who cast their ballots.

It is a relief, too, that the scores of Dartmouth students who chose to vote in New Hampshire were allowed to do so. In 2002, lawyers hired by the New Hampshire Republican Party challenged over 500 students who registered to vote in the state. This year, Democrats countered, stationing lawyers to answer any challenges and convince students they could vote in the state legally and without detriment to themselves.

Tuesday, challenges were mercifully few, thanks in part to the College's efforts to provide students proof of domicile from the Office of Residential Life. It is unfortunate that it took such a cadre of lawyers to make sure voting went smoothly, but it is a credit to the democratic process that so many turned out to vote and were able to cast ballots.

If your candidate won today, enjoy the buzz; if your candidate lost, there's always another chance four years from now. Whatever the result, you did your job.


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