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March 3, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Getting to Know ...

The Dartmouth: You both hail from the state of California. Besides having a man who starred in "Jingle All The Way" and "Eraser" as governor, what are some of the best aspects about living in your home state?

Hayley Stevens: Don't forget "Kindergarten Cop."

Annie Daher: Just because you are afraid of being called a "girly man" doesn't mean you can poke fun at Arnold. There are many wonderful things about California. There is, of course, the fact that we have an ex-bodybuilder and movie star -- not to mention womanizer -- for a governor. But more importantly, California is home to West Coast rap, punk music and the term "hella sweet." What could be better?

HS: I have a tan all year long! Just like Summer and Marissa!

The D: Hayley, pretend that suddenly the world's chewing gum supply evaporated. What would you willingly give up in order to regain a constant supply of gum?

HS: Whatever I have to.

AD: She's not kidding. Don't mess with Hayley's gum supply.

The D: You knew each other before Dartmouth. How would you say that your counterpart has changed or matured during the past years?

AD: Hmm. Well I guess she's taller. Her hair is a little longer perhaps -- still 100 percent as blonde as before. Haha, just kidding, Hay.

HS: Ha ha. I think we have grown up a lot, actually. Annie and I played on the same under-10 soccer team back home.

AD: And Hayley was way better. She could kick the ball twice as far as I could.

HS: That didn't necessarily make me better.

AD: Whatever, she knows she was way better than I was. It is OK. I can deal with it. I've spent hours in therapy because of the complex I have now because of Hayley continually beating me as a child. I know I will never be good enough, but I am okay now, really.

HS: We really are the two most competitive people. Not kidding.

AD: She heckles me on the golf course.

The D: Due to her singing and dancing abilities, as well as her debut music video, Hayley is typically regarded as a premier up-and-coming pop star. In fact, many music journalists have labeled her as "California's answer to Shakira." How would you both assess her prolific musical abilities?

HS: Well I do practice frequently in my room, when no one is watching.

AD: No one loves headphones quite as much as Hayley. I think anyone at Dartmouth could attest to that. But few know Hayley's dancing abilities as well as I do. Well, of course that was until she recorded her own dance video, which I plan to use to propel her to fame much in the same way Paris Hilton's video did. Anyone who wants a copy, blitz me and I will be sure to send it to you. We'll see what everyone thinks of her dancing abilities.

HS: Can I copyright my moves before this video is publicized? I don't want anyone stealing the "spirit fingers/Raise the roof"?

AD: Wow, we are cool.

The D: You are well regarded for your excellence on the golf course. Whenever I hit the links, I attempt to channel the spirit of 1982 Masters champion Craig "The Walrus" Stadler. Which professional players do you most admire, and why?

HS: Um, I like Phil Mickelson. Aside from his versatile game, he has a hot wife. And she's blonde like I am. So that's almost like me being his wife. Does that make sense? I know it's not the same, but I feel we are close on a deeper level because I, unlike his wife, Amy, play golf. And, I haven't had any children yet. Which makes me more desirable, doesn't it? I admit I have never modeled, but I play golf! And everyone knows how hot golf chicks are.

AD: Actually I am a huge fan of John Daly. I don't think people give him enough credit. People usually associate Daly with his vices, like alcohol, drugs, women and gambling, but he is also an extremely talented golfer. Aside from the fact that he beats the ball, he has an incredible short game, and his putter can get really hot. I like that he plays aggressively. We actually have a lot in common. I am easily the longest hitter in Ivy League golf (I outdrive Hay routinely, but don't tell her I told you. I don't want to hurt her confidence). Like Johnny, I also dabble in gambling. Online poker is the new pink. And, though I hate to admit it, I am not the healthiest eater. The only thing we really differ on is in my aversion to alcohol. Never touch the stuff.

The D: When it comes to 1980s pop acts, most people tend to put Michael Jackson and Madonna atop that list with no hesitation, and then may follow with Prince, Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston. While this may be a legitimate ranking, I argue that early '80s standouts like Lionel Richie and especially Hall and Oates get left out. Personally, I'd put John Oates' moustache ahead of even Jackson's single glove as the decade's best accessory. That said, what's it like rooming together on the road?

AD: So I assume that you have heard of our obsession with Whitney and Madonna -- Whitney being way hotter, of course. When Hayley and I are depressed about our single status here at Dartmouth (hint: Ask us out) we have been known to belt out the words to Whitney's "I Want to Dance With Somebody" and Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

HS: Don't forget Michael Jackson's "Free Willy."

AD: I like "Billie Jean" better.

HS: And about rooming together on the road, I generally get stuck with Annie, because no one else can deal with her inability to stay in her own bed.

AD: I am teaching Hayley to be more "touchy-feely."

HS: I like personal space.

AD: What's that?

The D: Oftentimes people of incredible genius can tend to be forgetful when it comes to everyday tasks. Would you associate yourselves with this description? In a related question: Annie, are you so good at golf that you felt you could win a tournament without even using your wedges?

AD: Haha. Yeah. Well at least I had raingear for the torrential downpour that was the essence of the Yale tournament's practice round (unlike Miss Hayley Stevens). About the wedges of course, I plan to blame my less than stellar performances in the last two tournaments on my lack of two (relatively important) clubs. Anyone ever tried to stick a 10-foot bunker shot with a pitching wedge? Not fun.

HS: I could do it.

AD: Well aren't you special.

HS: About that raingear. I am so good at golf that I like to challenge myself. Much like Annie purposely leaving her wedges at home. It's all just an attempt to further the excellence of the Dartmouth women's golf program.

The D: Considering your precocious skill in the athletic, academic and social arenas, it's amazing to recall that you are both only sophomores with over two years of college remaining. Therefore, what are your goals and dreams for not only the rest of your time at Dartmouth, but also in your post-college lives?

HS: I would like to get over my addiction to gum, and my headphones. Well maybe not the headphones. And in terms of golf, my goal from now on is to beat everybody on the team by 10 strokes every round we play ... maybe nine on a bad day. I want to be all-Ivy champion the next three years and after college I think I might try going pro. After I earn a few million on the tour I might travel for a few years, you know, take a break.

AD: In my time at Dartmouth, I hope to teach Hayley the benefits of sleeping with me at tournaments, and help her with the oral fixation issues. And on a lesser note, I would like to improve my game and set an example for the rest of our team. My goal is to make golf hot.