Women practice golf -- and networking

by John Mitchell | 10/18/04 5:00am

A group of 30 Dartmouth women met to take an important step toward professional success Sunday morning. They threw on spikes, tucked in their shirts and headed to Hanover Country Club for a golf clinic, run by Leslie Andrews Tu '90.

The clinic, which focused on golf etiquette and basic strokes and skills, was a huge success, according to clinic organizers Evie Stevens '05 and Betsy Williamson '05.

Stevens and Williamson chose 15 female undergraduates and 15 women from the Tuck School of Business Administration to attend the clinic from among the hundreds of individuals who responded to the flyers advertising the event.

Although they do not play on the women's golf team, both Stevens and Williamson recognize the networking possibilities that golf provides and the importance that can have in the business world.

The clinic began with a discussion on golf etiquette led by Andrews, whom Williamson described as "an excellent instructor" and "inspirational in promoting the value of the game of golf." After the talk, the class broke up into small groups to learn and practice golfing techniques. Andrews was aided by the Hanover Country Club staff and members of the men's golf team.

As the rain held off, the groups practiced chipping, putting and the full swing, feeling more and more comfortable on the course as the day went on.

At 12:30 p.m., after a solid two hours of practice, the group broke for lunch. As the students ate, Andrews spoke about the importance of golf in the business world and about the social networking opportunities that the game provides.

For those lucky enough to get into the clinic, the day was both helpful and enjoyable.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the clinic has led to plans for a larger event in the spring. Stevens and Williamson foresee another introductory clinic and a tournament to accommodate more experienced players.

"I hope that the enthusiastic response of undergraduates and Tuck students will increase the popularity of the spring event," Williamson said. "I thought the clinic was a huge success and have heard a lot of positive feedback from the participants."

The Women in Business organization and Tommy Lee Woon of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership also assisted in organizing the clinic.

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