Homecoming 2004 Editors' Note

by Kate Lyon | 10/29/04 5:00am

Sometimes you just don't know unless you've been there. The freshmen don't yet know how amazing and important Homecoming is to Dartmouth. But when you're running around the bonfire, adrenaline pumping, holding onto kids that you don't even know that well, you somehow realize that you're now connected in the spirit of Dartmouth -- you suddenly get it.

You suddenly know why Dartmouth students and alums alike will defend the College to the death in the face of Columbia's taunting or Harvard's snobbery. You suddenly understand that Dartmouth is not like the other Ivies and that you like it this way. You suddenly realize just how lucky you are.

Homecoming combines the excitement and spirit of every freshman trip, hockey game, Sophomore Summer and spontaneous snowball fight in one incredible celebration of the pride and energy of the sons and daughters of Dartmouth. If every kid who ever looked at Dartmouth had visited on Dartmouth Night, we'd have no doubt that Dartmouth would be No. 1 in that economics study of desirability, and Harvard would be off the list.

You can't help but feel that there's something about this place that you can't explain but that will be with you long after your turn around the fire. The flame lit at your freshman Homecoming does not go out -- you never quite lose that feeling, no matter how long it's been.

We've been there. We know.

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