Conservatives launch new publication

by AnnMary Mathew | 10/21/04 5:00am

The introduction of a new conservative journal to the literary scene at the College might strike some as combative, but the editors of The Beacon want Dartmouth to know their journal has loftier ideals.

"We are an independent and alternative journal for relevant compassionate political, cultural, and economic thought at Dartmouth," reads the The Beacon's mission statement, written by editor-in-chief Bruce Gago '05. The new publication, a conservative college-funded publication, debuted Tuesday.

Formed by Gago, Torivio Fodder '05, Adil Ahmad '05 and Jesse Roisin '05, the publication takes its name from a now-defunct conservative publication that existed at Dartmouth in the past.

The founders are several well-known conservatives on campus. Roisin is president of the College Republicans, while Fodder chairs the New Hampshire College Republicans.

The Beacon strives to provide contemplative political discourse, its editors said.

"We're not interested in being derisive or combative, but we're still looking to push an agenda," said Fodder, the publication's managing editor.

Unlike The Dartmouth Review, known for its outspoken opinions on campus issues, The Beacon will focus on national political issues, Fodder said.

"We were really looking to fill a niche on campus," he said.

The publication is funded almost exclusively through the Council on Student Organizations. It received a partial grant for the first issue from the Leadership Institute, a conservative non-profit group dedicated to creating student leaders.

The Dartmouth Review, in contrast, is independent of the College and not officially recognized by the Dartmouth administration.

The new publication has a decidedly philosophical bent.

"We think that's important -- not just policy but the higher philosophies that drive policy," Gago said.

"You can't just convince someone that something is bad. If people see the philosophy behind it, they are more apt to change their minds," he explained.

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