Assembly explores student privacy

by Kevin Garland | 10/15/03 5:00am

In response to increasing confidentiality concerns, the Student Assembly addressed possible breaches of undergraduate privacy at last night's meeting.

"We're looking into the current methods by which students are being monitored on campus, including blackboard, door locks and DASH," Todd Rabkin-Golden '06 said.

Rabkin-Golden noted that at this point, the inquiry is not the result of any definitive improper disclosures, but is intended to gather information.

"It's just to find out what's going on," Rabkin-Golden said.

On a different topic, the Assembly has put a temporary freeze on all co-sponsorships. In the past, the Assembly donated $100 to various organizations on request, but it stopped the policy at the beginning of this term.

"There was a huge increase of requests, mostly due to lack of funding in other departments," Student Body President Janos Marton '04 said.

When asked about the reason for the moratorium, Marton said, "It's a small issue ... We need to figure out what is fair and which organizations get the money ... We'll have it figured out in the next one or two weeks."

Marton also outlined plans for the Assembly's proposed interaction with the Greek system. The first issue he brought up involved allowing one keg of beer present at fraternities or sororities without having to register a party.

"That issue is going to start moving forward," Marton said. "Having one keg at a time really isn't a violation of any alcohol policy."

The other topics included the ban on fraternities having alcohol outside, positive public relations for the Greek houses, privacy concerns, including how Safety and Security operates and the 40-person-in-a-house limit.

On the topic of alcohol outside, Marton said, "I don't know why you can tell a 21-year-old that you can't drink on their own porch."

Finally, Student Life committee members noted that, in response to the popularity of the moose on a recent poll, the committee plans on conducting another survey specifically soliciting student opinion of a moose mascot. This next step in the selection of a mascot would occur before any discussion with the administration or alumni took place.