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February 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Assembly hosts Spring term Visions dinner

Greek life, the housing situation and parking were among the issues cited by students at last night's Visions dinner as the greatest points of concern on campus. The dinner, held by Student Assembly, was intended to encourage feedback to the Assembly's Visions Project, a growing catalogue of student opinion on the future direction of the College.

Assembly member Brian Martin '06 explained, "This is a followup on the Vision project -- A project designed when President Wright first joined as president of Dartmouth formally.

The first thing on his desk that year was a Visions booklet in which the student body had submitted ideas through the Student Assembly on what they want Dartmouth to be." Although Stella Treas '05, chair of the Assembly communications committee, was in charge of the night's events, she was not in attendance due to sickness.

Representative Russell Lane '06 was happy with the turnout at the event, adding that "it will be a big success because everyone is discussing the future of the school, and just starting that discussion is important."

The Assembly collected 800 responses for the first Visions book several years ago. At the time, students had asked for a Korean studies department and more parking, among other things. This year, Student Assembly hopes to get over 1,000 responses.

At last night's dinner, students were asked to contribute their thoughts to the growing pile of comment cards. Colorful note cards were distributed at each table with questions such as "If you came back to campus five years from now, what differences would you like to see?" and "What is your favorite aspect of life at Dartmouth. You least favorite?"

Students were mainly concerned with a handful issues including: diversity, weather, dormitory living, parking and fraternity life. Other students focused on different issues entirely, including one card calling for "better-looking girls" And another seeking "Hotter guys." In general, students were pleased with the school and its students, but frustrated by the lack of housing, social life and parking.

Liz Allen '06 said, "I'm a swimmer -- I think it's very important to discuss issues since they cut my team. Being a member of the [swim] team, I find it offensive."

Maxwell Young '06 added, "It's important to know where the school is going and how they are spending out money."

Other students were more concerned with activities off campus. Alice Jia '06 was adamant about transportation. "We need better transportation to/from New York and Boston. Cheaper, faster and more efficient," she said.