Todd Rabkin Golden '06

by Todd Rabkin Golden | 4/29/03 5:00am

I will be an effective and innovative Vice President and increase communication on campus. I got my hair buzzed while giving my candidate speech on Thursday night for a reason: namely, to be efficient. Like my fellow candidates I want to increase school spirit and reduce the parking problem, but unlike them I have concrete means and extensive SA leadership experience to accomplish these ends.

Communication on this campus is absolutely imperative. Students deserve to have the listening ears of the administration. Students deserve to have a transparent administration. Students should know what is happening to them; for example, currently every time you use your ID to enter a dorm, the sensor records the time and your name. These records are kept for, and used for, an undisclosed amount of time. I feel the student body ought to be informed about this and similar privacy issues -- BlitzMail records and internet history records included.

I did not begin looking to improve the Student Assembly and its role in the school at the start of this election, but rather I have already researched my goals and already begun acting on them. I have established and chair the privacy task force investigating the door locks and blitz records issue. Additionally, I have already written several resolutions that would increase communication within the SA as well as permit non-SA members to better contribute to meetings.

My Vice Presidential campaign can be seen as two fortune cookies that I came across a few days ago. The first said "work methodically one step at a time." Reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln's saying "the best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time," I believe this and therefore have concrete ideas and tangible goals to implement my larger themes. In this way we can make the undergraduate experience at Dartmouth better one day at a time.

I have concrete, tangible and researched goals. For instance, I will continue to develop the on-line campus calendar system to increase campus awareness of all events whether athletic, artistic or academic. I will add twenty organizational representatives to the Student Assembly, reducing the steps between students and the Student Assembly where ideas and concerns are often lost or confused.

My second fortune cookie mantra is "strike iron while hot." The best time for me to be an effective vice president is now. I know the issues, I know how things get done and I'm already acting on them. I am the Student Assembly treasurer, Tom Dent coordinator and the creator and chair of the privacy task force. I have enjoyed being on SA a great deal and consider myself the "Golden ticket" because I have material goals as well as SA leadership credentials unlike my opponents.

Although some may point to my membership in the class of '06 as a deficit, it is a benefit. I have already served on five of the dozen or so committees including the executive committee of SA. I know how to organize and execute events while still possessing the energy to come up with new and creative ideas and projects for the SA.

Where other candidates throw around broad concepts such as serving you or increasing school spirit, I have concrete, researched and tangible goals. On Wednesday remember the golden ticket difference: strike the iron while it's hot and get concrete projects accomplished one day at a time; vote TODD RABKIN GOLDEN for Student Body Vice President!