Brett Martin '04

by Brett Martin | 4/29/03 5:00am

Question: Do you know what your student government spends its time doing? Maybe? Not sure? What student government? If your answer sounded similar, don't worry because you are in the same boat as everyone else. No one knows. Actually, if you are reading this article, you are probably more informed about the Student Assembly than 50 percent of campus.

The truth is that Student Assembly often has the most noble of intentions but chronically falls short of representing the student body. Of course it does. How could 40 self-selected people (whose main extra-curricular activity is Assembly itself) possibly represent a diverse campus of 4,200? Previous Assemblies have gone to great lengths to recruit diversity but have had little success. Members of other organizations and interest groups have been offered positions on the assembly but never seem to show up. If action is not taken, the same cloistered 40 will continue to make decisions independent of the public. The Student Assembly must realize it can no longer wait for its constituency to come to it. The time has come for SA to reach out and find out what the people want.

My name is Brett Martin '04 and I will bring the Student Assembly to your doorstep. Why will I be able to do what so many others have tried to do and failed? I've been around the block. I served as the treasurer of my fraternity, sat on Programming Board, hosted a college radio show, served as a social chair, taught Italian drill, acted as the VP of the Dartmouth Club of Entrepreneurs and have spent the past year on the Membership and Internal Affairs Committee of the Student Assembly. My diverse experience will allow me to reach people whose voices have yet to be heard. If elected, I will use the manpower of the Student Assembly to accomplish these goals. Each Assembly member will be assigned certain contacts (i.e. the president of an organization or interest group) with whom they will establish a rapport. I hope to establish the SA's first legitimate feedback system. No more instantly deleted mass blitzes or unattended info sessions. Next year, I will deliver the assembly back to the people it is meant to serve.

My plan is simple and to the point. I make no ridiculous claims about harnessing alumni, instantly filling stadiums or solving social problems inherent with going to school in the sticks of New Hampshire. Let the people decide what they want for themselves. You have an opinion, represent it.