Visit Middle Earth

by Sarah Green | 11/5/02 6:00am

Thank you so much for printing Jessica Skolnick's Oct. 22 article "Hobbits scarce, musicians plentiful at area bar" and photos from her foray up to Bradford, Vermont. I'm so glad a member of the Dartmouth student body has discovered the Middle Earth Music Hall and is spreading the word! I believe your writer is taking owner, joke, and mastermind Chris Jones a bit too seriously, though, in reporting his inspiration for the theme was the free publicity from the "Lord of the Rings" movies. As a member of the greater Bradford community who has long awaited the opening of this wonderful music venue, my understanding is that Chris had been planning the space with a Tolkien theme -- and had maybe even begun building the hall -- long before news of the movie series was available to him or the general public. Chris is a gifted artist and his custom hand woodworking, as well as original artwork by others, is all over the hall. I imagine a night at Middle Earth would be a refreshing, expanding break for any student and I encourage all students to go.