On Homosexual Rights

by Steven Lulich | 5/22/02 5:00am

To the Editor:

Chris Curran '03 makes the case in his May 20 Op-Ed titled "The Right Thing for the Right Wing" that President Bush in particular, and the Republican party in general, should become more accepting and protective of homosexuals. He writes that it would not only be a politically beneficial move, but also a morally right move.

Regarding protection of homosexuals through homosexual-rights laws, Mr. Curran makes the incorrect assumption that being homosexual or straight is like being black or white. This is neither traditionally nor biologically reasonable. First, the notion of homosexuality as a genetic identity similar to race or ethnicity is a very new one. Simply because an idea is new and current does not mean that it is accurate.

Second, as common-sense biology well informs us, kind reproduces kind. Monkeys reproduce monkeys, fish reproduce fish, humans reproduce humans. Within the human species, white people produce white people, and black people produce black people. White people do not produce black people, and black people do not produce white people.

Homosexuality does not follow this common-sense rule. Being homosexual or not is no more racial or ethnic than being a vegetarian or not. Therefore it does not make sense even to think about "protecting" homosexual rights, which are in the first place in no special way endangered.

Regarding morality, Mr. Curran states that the Biblical case against homosexuality is weak. Again, Mr. Curran is mistaken. I realize that there are many people in many circles who share his view, but I for one will still dare to maintain that the picture is clear -- any sort of sexual behavior which is not between a husband and wife is sinful. It does not take a rocket scientist to see this clearly in the Bible. On the other hand, it does require some pretty fancy footwork to dance around. If you don't believe that the Bible is the Word of God anyway, then fine. But to suggest that a Bible-believing Christian should accept homosexuality as on par with vegetarianism or race is unreasonable.

As for President Bush, I think that Mr. Curran would be well advised not to hold his breath.