Area offers many options to sate Green Key appetite

by Megh Duwadi | 5/17/02 5:00am

As the next Green Key party awaits, give your DBA a reprieve and sample one of the many fine restaurants in Hanover and its environs.

While the Upper Valley may not be known for its gourmet delights, an array of enticing yet economical dining options are available only steps away from Thayer.

Got bread? Molly's Restaurant, a close-by favorite of many Dartmouth students, receives rave reviews for its ubiquitous -- and complimentary -- freshly baked loaves and honey butter. From $7 to $17 for dinner, customers can feast on large portions of pizza and pasta dishes, as well as burgers, soups and salads. A helpful tip: call an hour ahead or eat at off-peak times. Molly's doesn't accept reservations. 643-2570, 43 South Main Street, Hanover.

For similar cuisine in an inviting pub-style setting, Murphy's on the Green satisfies. Murphy's features steaks, sandwiches and less standard American fare for $11 to $19. Daily specials ranging from andouille sausage to exotic noodle salads are posted on a chalkboard outside the door to entice hungry passers-by. 643-4075, 11 South Main Street, Hanover.

Mai Thai provides one of Hanover's only culinary connections with Southeast Asia. Though it offers old standbys such as pad Thai and tempura vegetables, more adventurous (and spice-craving) diners may prefer some of Mai Thai's lesser known entres. For only $7 to $14.50, this restaurant brings its customers one step closer to Bangkok. 643-9980, 44 South Main Street, Hanover.

For more conventional Asian cuisine, Panda House is a popular choice. It features favorites such as General Tso's chicken and sweet and sour pork as well as an extensive sushi menu. Panda House's large dining room can accommodate many diners, making it an optimal choice for big groups. Entres average near $10. 643-1290, 3 Lebanon Street, Hanover.

Pizza, always close to college students' hearts, provides a fast and reliable Green Key dining option. Those in Hanover can choose from Ramunto's Brick and Brew Pizzeria (643-9500, 68 South Main Street), Everything But Anchovies (643-6135, 5 Allen Street) and C & A's (643-2966, 17 Lebanon Street). Full pies at all three establishments are around $10.

Insatiable cravings for breakfast staples, desserts and down-home cooking in general can be appeased at Lou's Restaurant. Perpetually crowded, this pseudo-diner is frequented by students and locals alike. Unfortunately, Lou's is open for breakfast and lunch, but not dinner. 643-3321, 30 South Main Street, Hanover.

Miss the chain restaurants you sacrificed by attending school in rural New Hampshire? Luckily, two such choices have made it into Hanover.

Subway offers an array of low-fat sandwich selections around $5 in a familiar, faux turn-of-the-century environment. (643-0360, 11 Lebanon Street. )

Its neighbor, Ben & Jerry's, is a popular spring and summer hangout whose many flavors beckon to a student's sweet tooth. Ice creams, sorbets and cold drinks are available for less than $4. (643-2663, 11 Lebanon Street.)

Out-of-town dining is also a Green Key option.

The newly renamed Three Tomatoes Trattoria (formerly known as Sweet Tomatoes Trattoria) is only minutes away from campus and provides a pleasant alternative to Main Street dining. With choices such as wood-fired pizza, chicken tuscano and calamari-infused pasta, Three Tomatoes offers fine Italian cuisine along with cheerful service in what is arguably Lebanon's most Mediterranean atmosphere. Dinner prices are $10 to $16. 448-1711, 1 Court Street, Lebanon.

Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse features a range of Tex-Mex options in a vibrant -- if not authentic -- environment. Tacos, burritos and enchiladas are some popular menu items at this clamorous establishment. Entres are $8 to $16. Ask for Shorty's special hot sauce if you are dissatisfied with your meal or if you simply want to punish your taste buds. (298-7200, Powerhouse Plaza, West Lebanon.)

Try Kim's Kitchen for something new in Korean cuisine. While this little-known restaurant offers such mouth-watering delicacies as scallion pancakes and bi bim bab -- spicy-hot seasoned beef and vegetables over steamed rice -- you will probably be unfamiliar with all but the most basic selections. Dinner will set you back less than $10 -- a true bargain in Upper Valley dining. (298-5477, 96 Main Street, West Lebanon.)