A Note from the Editor

by Charles Gardner | 5/17/02 5:00am

It's easy to criticize Green Key for what it is not. The weekend features no signature event, while the chariot races and keg throws of old only survive in photographs.

Although the rowdiest traditions have been largely left by the wayside, the spirit of Green Key remains undimmed by time.

Since the weekend's early origins more than 100 years ago, Green Key has offered a chance to set aside work and celebrate the coming of spring and warm weather after months of frozen dreariness.

Freshmen commemorate the completion of their first year at the College, while for seniors, the event takes on special meaning as the last big weekend they will experience as Dartmouth students.

So disregard those who would say that Green Key is a failing tradition: in the end, your Green Key weekend will amount to little more than what you choose to take from it.

Exams, papers and presentations are no excuse for avoiding your true responsibilities this weekend. Attend a concert, a party, a film " it really doesn't matter what: just enjoy yourself.

Have a happy Green Key.