My Dartmouth

by Ian P. Wijaya | 7/9/01 5:00am

To the Editor:

The article about the return of elderly alumni to Dartmouth during reunions was poignant because parts of it captured a snapshot of Dartmouth that I can only now begin to appreciate.

When I reflect upon the time I spent at Dartmouth, I am awed by the affection that I have for the place, and I understand the commitment that now elderly alumni have for Dartmouth.

Though I have no idea what it is like to return to Dartmouth for a 50th reunion, I can certainly appreciate the respect and affection that these alumni have for our College.

As a '99, I strongly believe that I attended Dartmouth during a time when certain of the traditions that epitomized the consummate Dartmouth experience were still alive.

Although, as a student at Dartmouth, I can clearly recall thinking that there were aspects of Dartmouth that required improvement (as is the case with any college experience), I am convinced that there will always be a special place in my heart for Dartmouth, as well as for the discoveries I made that the Dartmouth environment so uniquely cultivated. We learned about a lot of things at Dartmouth, but most of all, we forged unforgettable ties of friendship in arguably the greatest place to experience collegiate life. That is my Dartmouth.