'03s elect Whelan, Horn as leaders

by Jeremy Skog | 7/9/01 5:00am

The Class of 2003 elected Tim Whelan '03 as their class president during elections last week in which 351 sophomores cast votes. Svante Horn '03, Whelan's running mate, was chosen as class vice president.

In the Internet-based election which took place on Thursday and Friday, Whelan garnered 61 percent of the presidential vote, and Horn carried 55 percent of the vote for vice president.

"Most people thought it would be a closer election," Daniel Chang '03, outgoing Class Council president, said.

According to Whelan, extensive campaigning efforts and a diverse group of friends were what pulled him and Horn across the victory line.

"We did a pretty good job at getting the word out," said Whelan, who worked with Horn to pass out over 300 fliers all across campus.

Whelan's experience as co-interim president this past winter while Chang was off-campus might have also provided him with a valuable edge.

Horn attributed their victory to students' desire for "good, solid teamwork between the president and vice president," and believes he and Whelan will make an effective team.

John Lawrence '03, who also ran for president, has "complete confidence" in Whelan's abilities and plans to continue working with the council.

"I honestly think that Tim will do a wonderful job," Lawrence added.

As Whelan plans out his year as council president, he hopes to focus primarily on several large events every term, as well as smaller weekly events, a sentiment echoed by Horn.

He also hopes to "focus on improving communication between different student groups" on campus.

Although technically Chang serves as president until the end of the term, he plans to let Whelan take the councils reigns after the next meeting.

Most candidates contacted by The Dartmouth said that they had heard rumors that negative campaign posters had been placed around campus, but they had not actually seen the posters themselves.

"It's unfortunate that it took place," Whelan commented.

Horn concurred with Whelan's assessment that such actions were a shame. "It doesn't really benefit anyone," Horn added.

According to Class Council Parliamentarian Bonnie Tice '03, such posters would be grounds for disqualification were it determined that they had been posted by a candidate or by a candidate's supporter.

To fill the rest of the council's officers, elections for secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian will be held at the council's 8 p.m. meeting tonight.

Whelan and Horn also plan on electing a communications and publications officer. Anyone may run, although only council members may vote.