Classes to do battle on Green

by Tara Kyle | 5/18/01 5:00am

In the absence of such defining traditions as an ice sculpture or bonfire to call its own, Green Key has long struggled with a bit of an identity crisis. This year, the 2003 Class Council has set out to change that by instituting an event they hope will become an annual tradition entitled "Class Combat."

Saturday on the Green, students will have the opportunity to win glory for their respective class by competing in events ranging from a traditional pie eating contest and obstacle course, to the more creative "chicken suit wrestling" and the curiously-titled "chubby bunny."

"We're trying to bring a larger purpose to the big weekend. Every weekend includes huge parties and drinking and all that," 2003 Class Council President Daniel Chang said of organizers' hopes for thebrand new Green Key competition.

"Every year I read articles in The Dartmouth that say, 'what are the Green Key traditions -- oh wait, there are none,'" he said. "We're trying to make something new in the spirit of competition and class spirit."

Some 15 campus organizations -- Greek houses, religious affinity and cultural groups among them -- are involved in sponsoring individual events. Various sources contributed over $4000 in funding, including $1000 approved by the Student Assembly.

First place winners in each event will earn five points toward their class total, and runners-up will take two. At the end of the day, the victorious class will receive a four-foot high trophy.

Referencing the concern that students will show up to these events intoxicated, Chang noted that he and fellow organizers joked that the common practice of adding "in bed" to the end of fortune cookie messages can be adapted to the situation.

"Everyone can just add 'drunk' to the beginning of all these events: drunk ass-boxing..."

The idea for this sort of competition had been kicked around and passed between various class councils over the years, but finally began to pick up steam after Chang and a friend brainstormed an Olympics theme at a leadership conference last year. Graduating seniors Dean Krishna '01 and Rebecca Lee '01 obtained initial funding last winter before turning the reigns over to Chang and the 2003 Class Council.

Chang anticipates the at least 500 students to attend over the course of the day. All participants in Class Combat will take home free T-shirts, with individual event winners netting versions with the added inscription, "I'm a winner."