Trustees have 'normal' meeting, King says

by Julia Levy | 11/13/00 6:00am

No major changes or initiatives were announced over this past weekend's annual fall Trustee meeting, according to Chairman of the Board of Trustees William King '63.

King was positive about the experience, but spoke in broad terms describing the contents of meetings, rarely specifying exactly what subject matter was discussed or in what manner.

"There were the normal committee meetings and there were some issues that we are thinking about for the next meetings," King said, explaining that topics discussed look toward the short term as well as the longer term for the College.

Meetings started for the Trustees on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. and continued until midday Saturday.

During that time, the group met with various campus leaders -- students, faculty and staff -- and discussed finance, facilities development, academics and the Student Life Initiative.

He said the talks about finance dealt with the College's budget for this year and in the next few years, as well as maintaining facilities. He said discussion of the next capital campaign was a feature of the meetings, but it was not the largest point on the finance meeting's agenda.

King also said the Initiative came up in several different forms -- from residential issues to enhanced social options to the fliers that are alerting students to changes at the College.

The Trustees also held an open meeting for students at the Hanover Inn on Friday afternoon. According to King, about 50 to 75 students attended the meeting.

In addition to the regularly scheduled meetings, the Trustees cheered on Dartmouth at Saturday's football game and took a tour of Berry Library.

King said he enjoyed the Berry tour, but called it "a work in progress," explaining that a lot of construction was yet to be added to the new library.